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Meet Wednesday Addams (Addams Family/Supernatural - gen)

Because my brain is a scary place, long drives tend to kick up all sorts of non-sense, creative an otherwise. The last trip up to Atlanta brought out this piece. I like the notion muchly.

He meets her in the library. Of course he does, that's where he meets all the weird, hot chicks while all the normal hot college girls are off enjoying the sunshine and smoothies. But not her, not Wednesday Addams. She's happily ensconced on the third floor, wall of books around her, including the one he needs.

She's studying paranormal whatnot in comparative cultures, or something. Gomez had wanted her to study business, in hopes that she'd take over the family empire because as her mother had so delicately put it, "Pugsly doesn't seem to have a head for numbers. Unless it's a body count." And frankly, the jury was still out on Pubert, so it was up to her. But she got away with double majoring in the dark things and business, and everyone was happy.

Wednesday's not Dean's normal type at all. She's not tall and stacked, sunny and willing. Nope, she's kind of short, still stacked, curvy in all the right places, and she's kind of pinched, more than a little annoyed that she has to share her books with Dean. But every once in a while he makes her smile, and whoa. Awesome.

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Originally posted at my LJ. Reposted here for public publication. Heh.
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