The Anaconda Plan [Thor - Darcy Lewis gen]

Title: The Anaconda Plan
Fandom: Thor
Rating: PG, because hi, it's Darcy and she likes her f-bombs.
Summary: Darcy didn't start out as a poli-sci major.
Author's Notes: This is basically a story for self-gratification. See, I started out as a poli-sci major with a history minor. Then I found the poli-sci people too angry and I switched out for my beloved, crazed history people with a humanities minor on the side. I don't know -- the notion of Darcy switching for a sort of reverse set of reasons made sense. Also, I was pondering Darcy's need for 6 credits of science, and was reminded of my Oh Crap moment when I switched Colleges at Uni and suddenly was very grateful that I had gone ahead and taken that extra semester of Spanish -- swapped science credits for foreign language requirements, and there you go. [Based which department went with which College at my alma mater.]

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Yes, everything in here (outside of the They Might Be Giants ref) is true. Aren't you jealous?

PS: Go love on my favourite history geek related tumblr: youknowyoureahistoryfanwhen
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Things We Bury and Hide [Veritas: The Quest - girl!Nikko]

Title: Things We Bury and Hide
Fandom: Veritas: The Quest
Pairing: Always a girl!Nikko, with shades of Nikko/Calvin
Rating: E, except for the fact that Nikko's trying to sneak a pint while under-American-age, though legal in her then current geography. Or something. Jeez.
Notes: Written, as always, for storydivagirl. This was intended for her birthday, but alas, came a month [and change] late.

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Croix de guerre [Pretender - French Resistance AU]

Title: Croix de guerre (Cross of War)
Fandom: The Pretender
Pairing: Miss Parker/Jarod
Rating: PG
Spoilers: This is a French Resistance AU. Even though I'm a French history geek, and actually did research things when I originally wrote this in 2006 (and double-checked what I wasn't sure of in the here and now), well, if you find inconsistencies, let me know.

Other details: I gave Miss Parker a first name, and Sydney a surname. Catherine was a dancer, French. Mr Parker and his creepy self is American and shady enough to be under a palm tree in July. The Centre is still around, and I've written in with the idea that it'd be a contractor or sorts. Um, yes.

If this had been written by someone else, it would be a fully fleshed out story, but as it is, the story is like a expanded spec, but I love it and finally decided to publish it. If anyone wants to roll with the idea, you're welcome to do so.

Dedicated to bantha_fodder who previewed it all those years ago, and to piecesofalice because I love her so, and this feels like something we'd come up with together.

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Fear to Tread (The Class; Kat and Ethan)

Title: he Class (meaning Kat and Ethan) Goes To a Diner
Fandom: The Class
Author: zeplum
Notes: I have this whole idea for a series of stories surrounding food. Because food always seems to crop up in everything I write -- in weird ways, Cannoli in Everwood, anyone? -- and while it doesn't really work with my idea at all, I am sorta inspired by love for "Fairytale in a Supermarket" by the Raincoats.

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All Things Ordinary (HP, Oliver Wood/OFC) [+ "Stupid Parasites"

Title: All Things Ordinary
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Oliver Wood/OFC
Setting: After the aborted Dementor-crashing Quidditch match in POA.

Original notation (28 August 2004):

This is a Mary Sue. I wrote it as such, mainly to cheer myself up one hellish day at work. I posted it, a few people found it cute, so I continued it. Now, 20 something months later, it's finally done. Whew. It might be silly and stupid, but it makes me happy. Unbeta'd 'cause it doesn't really matter.

Current notation:

Okay, maybe it's still a Mary Sue, but I still like it, even six years (omgwhat?) later. I <3 Oliver to this day, and mittens still make me smile because of this 'verse -- so yes, consider tell of an HP renaissance of sorts, I decided to repost just because (and also I don't lose track of it in my old LJ).

Some HP details are probably still a little wonky, but oh well. I'm not so worried at this point.

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So apparently I do write out and out fluff? If so, it's for a good cause!

Also, god, there so needs to be proper 'eight inches of wand' and a 'wand of destiny' jokes made.

Originally date 12/20/2004

Title: Stupid Parasites
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Oliver Wood/OFC
Setting: After the aborted Dementor-crashing Quidditch match in POA, but splits on a slight different time line from 1All Things Ordinary, which should probably be read first.

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